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The Kingdom Movement

This article is only available in Dutch. But some short history and explanation in English is given in the following paragraphs.

There is alot of information on the world wide web concerning the Kingdom Movement, and even magazines have spoken concerning the movement. The idea has been to get them in the corner of condemnation, without you discoverying what the truth of this movement really is all about. It obviously declares that is Jesus King, just like the reformed faith for century's has done. Obviously their are some great differences between this Reformed position and the Kingdom Movement position.

The Kingdom Movement came in existence as a consequence of a revival of 1948, being birth in the Pentecostal Movement which existed since 1900. The Reformed was much older, following 1618 and based in the teaching conflict of Beza and Arminius, both former followers of Calvin. Dispensationalists have been most hostile to both the Reformed as well as the Kingdom movement, for declaring Covenantal theology and a post- or an amillennial position. Dispensationalists have been claiming that Jesus is to be a FUTURE King in a FUTURE millennium reign. According to Dispensationalists Jesus Christ is far from King now, it seems as if they declare Jesus and His Church as the losers of the ages, just like alot of American sensational news empires declare... The dispensational churches exist out of churches that still use their older names like the Baptist, the free Evangelicals and Methodists. And even the Brethren had a exitance prior to this new doctrine. The Catholic Apostolic Church, and Restored Catholic Apostolic Church, and the Apostolic society not, they evolved in consequence of this new doctrine. Also the Millerites largely agreed, which followers became later known as the Adventists (while nowadays most Seventh Day Adventists have returned to a historic view), the Jehova Witnesses, and their splinter groups.

The Pentecostals and Charismatics form a group who have taken the dispensational theology for granted, and most did not like to reconsider the unorthodox roots of dispensationalism, while others were extremely hostile.

So the conflict with the established dispensational world has come to light once again, these days. This has led to the point that clarification of the Kingdom Movement is needed. It is clearly evident and necessary for correct information to be made available, because many people are raised in dispensationalism and have never truly heard some negative criticism concerning this believe system. These sounds are needful to redirect the church to the plan of God, in this season.


In the above diagram is seen a remarkable change in both the Baptist and Plymouth Brethren, considered to be orthodox protestants by many though largely changed by the Dispensational believe system.

Underneath I want to show the difference towards the Charismatic Church. The Pentecostal churches (1906- ca. dying nowadays) that still use their name Pentecostal largely changed during the eighties, nineties and zero's to being Charismatic in their theology. That's why the Pentecostal name is still very alive their original views rejecting the Charismatic movement have been rejected by more than eighty procent. Underneath I show the difference between the Charismatic Movement and the Kingdom Movement.

Charismatic Movement(1947-today) Kingdom Movement(1948-today)
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
with sign of speaking in tongues
Divine healing
Office of pastor, evangelist, teacher
Ephesians 4:11-13
No office of prophet The office of prophet (Ephesians 4:11-13)
No office of apostle The office of apostle (Ephesians 4:11-13)
Dispensationalism Covenantal theology (link)

Note that in reading their bibles, living the Christian life, the last point mentioned is mostly notable in daily life and practice. To diminish the effect of that there has been a prophetic movement (1980's and beyond) and an apostolic movement (1990's and beyond) in between, and also an acceptance of many covenantal outworkings though still holding to the central theme of dispensationalism.

There are different reasons for which people from "Pentecostal Churches" (theologically the majority to be called Charismatic Christians) as well as people from free-evangelical churches have responded by calling Kingdom people "Jehovah witnesses".

Jesus did preach foremost the Kingdom Message. So both the Kingdom Movement and Jehovah Witnesses referred to it. But the Kingdom Movement preaches a total different Kingdom Message than the Jehovah Witnesses!

Jehovah’s witnesses though have come from the Evangelical, Adventist and more precise Millerite Movement in the United States of America, very different than the Kingdom Movement which rooted in the Canadian Version of the Assemblies of God (Part of the Pentecostal Movement).

So the Jehovah Witnesses were part of the Adventists Movement, which died out in the latter 19th century, in which William Miller (1782-1849) was the great leader. By a faulty date setting of 1844 most Millerite Adventists in the States returned to less date setting and became Dispensationalists by the influence of the British Preacher John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) and Cyrus Inglerson Scofield (1843-1921).

The Jehovah’s Witnesses leader, Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916) would together with a few others begin a renewal of this faulty Millerite Movement. They set the date for the Return of Christ at 1878. Of course Jesus did not come back physically in 1878, but still 1914, forty years later, keeps on being an important date for the JWO. Because Dispensationalism continues to spread a lot of strange doctrines about future events and the soon coming of Christ (which they also place totally out of the true historical context) by which the Jehovah’s witnesses Organization and their doctrines keeps to be difficultly defeated and excluded. Next to these there are the Oneness Pentecostals that further make the exclusion of Jehovah Witnesses difficult, because both deny the trinity.

The Kingdom Movement (from 1948 onwards) came out of the Pentecostal Movement, and to be more precise, those that rejected date setting for the return of Christ, since 1910. I say so because in the Pentecostal Revival Movement of 1906 false prophecies of the soon return of Jesus were uttered and spread by folders and the earthquake in Los Angelos, that year, and these false prophecies helped the Pentecostal Revival Outbreak of that year in the Azusa Street Revival.

The Kingdom Movement came out of the Assemblies of God the more balanced renewal of Pentecost by 1910, and was shortly influenced strongly and even long term influenced by the Charismatic Movement which started in 1947. The Kingdom Movement was the result of the 1948 Revival of the Holy Spirit in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. Several people called this Holy Spirit Revival of 1948, the Latter Rain Revival. Some leaders have shopped around in doctrines before becoming Covenantal theologians. But nowadays being Kingdom, means being Covenantal as well as agreeing with these above statements of faith which are specific for the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, which are rejected till today by the Jehovah Witnesses... Actually if calling names would answer the problem of doctrinal problems there are more reasons for the Kingdom Movement to name the dispensationalists, including Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses lighter version than the other way around!

For more information see this table in Dutch.

Covenantal theology

The Kingdom Movement believes that the biblical covenants give us a godly framework for our understanding of the administration and operations of God with humanity, through all of human history. Gods covenants are superlative to each other and finally He established His covenant in Jesus Christ.
The term Covenantal Theology has been hijacked by infantbaptisers, but this doesn't take the fact away that it also belongs historically just as well to the credobaptist, who have been faithful to the biblical baptism, which is after a declaration of faith. Covenantal theology has been developed by John Calvin and others. Remarkable is that Calvin himself had made no choice for any baptism. Knowing the storey of the Anabaptistst in Zurich, and Zwingli's deception in this matter to his former friends, John Calvin decided in his politics to not burn his hands on that particular subject. He did this by avoiding it, and diminish it as unimportant. The Kingdom Movement has left such an political position, and obeyed God in a clear choice for credobaptism, although in most churches it let to more sever persequotion for the true meaning and declaration of Covenantal theology. Click for more information.

Postmillennialism in Church history

This deals with eschatological choices, pré-, a-, and postmillennialism are being examined on their historical bases in Church history. Not yet translated…

Dr. Kelley Varner - Seventy weeks prophecy

This deals with the famous chapter 9 of Daniel. This is the proof for dispensationalists 7 year period. While dispensationalist declare 3 things to be fulfilled in Christ in vs 24, Covenantal theology declares that all 6 things in vs 24 are fullfilled in Christ. The rest deals on the end of the ages, learn what ages that are, according to the context. Youtube preaching…

Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry - The beast of Revelation Identified

This deals with the famous book of Revelation. This shows the enormous amount of evidence and knowledge that aligns a preterist interpretation of the book. While dispensationalists declare these things to have a future fulfilment, there are some serious doubts by an attentive christianity defending (or apologetical, from Greek, απολογία = “speaking in defense”) reader. Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry goes systematically through several big characters in the book, and as so gives you a good outline of the preterist interpretation of the book. A must for anyone who likes theological searching the scritures to find out of these things are so.

This clip begins a little lower in the page, which has been written in Dutch, the clip is in English. Go through it, piece by piece…

Joseph Prince

   - Unveiling a God of Grace
   - The root cause of your problem is condemnation
   - Grace
   - With a introduction to metachoism, law and grace

There is a lot of difference in teaching concerning the election of God. Questions like: Who was elected? What is the basis understanding we need to handle rightly the subject of the law? What is/are the reason(s) for the law? How does the New Testament Church have to teach the Old Testament laws? What is their right focus in doing so? What does it mean to be under grace?

View the introduction, a short explanation about law and grace, and the three clips in this link...

Rousas John Rushdoony

   - A sound way of influencing the nations
   - With Portuguese translation

Jesus said: "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe ALL THINGS, whatsover I have commanded you..." (Matthew 28:18b-20a, KJV) If we as christians desire to faithfully obey these things there is a place for the law. Although it never becomes our focus in the christian life as Paul explained in Galatians and Romans, we do have an obligation to wage a warefare with all Jesus taught... And He certainly didn't held Moses for a criminal that imposed a pagan law, but for a servant of God (John 5:45-46). While I myself do believe that Joseph Prince is right in his teaching concerning grace verses the law, there is still a place for the law. It is this teaching that explains this.

View the list of clips in this link...

Kirk Cameron

   - The Founding Fathers of the United States
   - With Spanish translation

Documentary that was realized by Kirk Cameron, who investigated the roots of the history of the United States of America, when the puritan pilgrims had to leave England and establish themselves in America. With the objective to stop being part of moral decline and tyranny that was ruling England and Scotland, to leave for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This documentary has the the objective to see the motives why the United States had become a nation of liberty until the 20th century and had prospered like it did. And why to believe for a powerful solution of the economic crisis, the moral crisis and spiritual crisis in the whole actual world and in history.

See the documentary of the Founding Fathers of the United States

Pastor G. Craigt Lewis

   - The false tithing doctrine

In the history of the protestant church several ideas and concepts concerning money and finances have passed along in time.

The list of positions
poverty positionstewardship positionprosperity position

Though the following order might be different in time, stewardship is new for a lot of Christians. In history there have been people who held that position before our modern conflict between prosperity and poverty. The problem with the modern conflict is that the existence of the Stewardship position is often neglected.

With the video in this link a change of mind is given for people that have been bound by the prosperity gospel. Most people in the prosperity churches in time find their financial breakthrough to never come. The claim of God to bless us is true, but the interpretation needs to be rightly adapted to this time and age... We will allow the clip to attack the Old Testament interpretation that has led to a strange way, of step by step, making church a business. We have heard a perverted version of finances being related to discipleship and thus the intent of God to bless and prosper us for blessing and prospering the nations have been twisted!

It's time to hear a biblical correction and come to the right way of running personal finances and ministries. By listening to this with an open heart till the end, your mind will have the breakthrough today and your life will follow in the following years... This promise has been tried and approved!

Exposing the false doctrine of tithes and the so-called "prosperity" teaching, click this link...


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